Our response to the spread of COVID-19 highlights the Everise commitment to ensuring employee safety and the smooth continuity of our partners’ operations. Our home-based agent and remote-work programs are expanding dramatically to meet both goals, and the result is proving to be transformative for all.

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3 years work-at-home experience
95% of our global workforce is working remotely
>45 partners trust our HX solution
Everise is a proven partner
Some of the world’s most important B2C brands leverage the benefits of the Everise home-based CX model. Our crisis-resilient, outsourced home-based support is doubly resilient by also being widely disbursed globally. Everise will craft remote CX solutions to get you through this crisis as well as the next one.

Remote Recruitment
Remote workers require remote recruiting. Everise overcame this challenge long ago, through a combination of process and technology.  The combination of these enables a steady supply of outstanding talent that is both a cultural fit and psychologically prepared to thrive in a remote work environment.

Virtual Training
Virtual Training and Onboarding
Technology also allows Everise to overcome the challenge of remote training. We use HD video and cloud-based eLearning technologies to slash speed to competency and continually improve our home-based agent skillsets. Engagement meters track overall participation and interactions are thoroughly documented. Home-based agents are every bit as prepared as their brick and mortar colleagues.

Scalable Infrastrature
Scalable Infrastructure
The Everise work-at-home technology stack utilizes a best-of-breed of platform, enabling speed, scalability, security and flexibility. PCI, SOC2, HiTrust and HIPAA compliance backed up by redundant and sophisticated quality control tools and remote endpoint management ensure all sensitive customer data remains protected.

Remote Performance
Remote Performance Management
Everise believes that to successfully operate a home-based workforce, dedicated and specialized practitioners are indispensable. Everise has proprietary business intelligence products that enable our partners to have a real-time view of both their customer experience metrics and agent performance. Our combined processes and technologies deliver high performing home-based teams whose metrics usually exceed those of their centralized counterparts.

Community Moderation
AI-Powered Volume Management
In uncertain times, reliably forecasting your support volumes is difficult. Everise DX is built upon proprietary, AI-powered chatbot and natural language processing technology proven to improve the customer experience. The goal is not to replace home-based agents, but to enhance their capacity to deliver the highest quality experiences.

Home-Based Omnichannel CX
Everise CX delivers support how your customers want it – whether by voice, email, chat, video or social media. This omnichannel approach to customer support allows technology to efficiently enhance -- rather than replace -- the vital human touch.

Dedicated Home-Based Agents Deliver Better Experiences
As business rapidly move to work-at-home customer support solutions, many companies are faced with a critical, yet often overlooked, decision between a contract and full-time employee model. At Everise, our philosophy has and always will be that an employee model is the optimal approach for delivering superior, risk mitigated, customer experiences.
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Technology Bridges the Gap

As the speed and availability of broadband internet increases, the price continues falling sharply -- making home-based knowledge work accessible in most every geography.
Team meetings are delivered regularly via virtual conference and chat tools. Individual weekly coaching sessions utilizing the same technology make it easy to share screens, chat and provide high quality coaching.
Home-based work is considered a perk with substantial value and as such, rates of attrition plummet among remote agents. This added tenure greatly increases agent effectiveness.
Fully managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and multi-layered security solutions enable agents to work remotely without jeopardizing the integrity of the enterprise network.
PCI and HIPAA compliant infrastructure backed up by redundant and sophisticated quality control tools and remote endpoint management ensure all sensitive customer data remains protected.
Enterprise facing social applications help remote employees feel connected to co-workers and supervisors, further reducing attrition and absenteeism.
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Proven Work-at-Home Results

News and Insights
Impact Report: How COVID-19 Is Transforming the BPO Industry
After having to completely transform overnight, the BPO industry now finds itself poised at its next impasse. Is work-at-home simply a business continuity plan, or is it the new table stakes for the industry. It's at these moments it's good to take a measured review of how ready the industry was and what it's doing to prepare for the future.
Impact Report 2: Is Work-At-Home Working?
Since Everise quickly transitioned to a home-based support model in March, our people have now had time to adjust to a work-from-home environment. We've gathered internal data and learnings to review our work-from-home operations and see how it has affected our employees and overall performance.
When crisis brings out the best in us
BlueJeans is a Bay Area-based builder of extremely reliable and secure cloud video conferencing technology. Back in January, when the Coronavirus was barely on our radar screens, BlueJeans observed a sharp – on the order of 400% -- uptick in demand for its service in China. Before most of us had any idea something was afoot, it became apparent to BlueJeans that the newly reported virus was compelling large portions of that China’s populace to work remotely.
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