Our Quality Framework Elevates Customer Engagement and Drives Business Results.  

Everise elevates your customer experiences by ensuring excellence with unparalleled Quality Assurance as a dedicated service utilizing AI-enabled speech analytics and Six Sigma methodologies.

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We provide you with value-add business insights:

Our Quality Assurance team in the Contact Center is committed to crafting interactions that resonate. Through rigorous evaluation, insightful analysis, and personalized coaching, Everise will curate conversations that build lasting connections. We enhance agent performance, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty by embracing innovation and fine-tuning processes—the pursuit of delivering memorable moments that reflect the true essence of exceptional service. 

Everise Quality Assurance as A Service Blueprint.

Dive deeper into the customer experience with our comprehensive CX Analysis. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) analysis, paired with the Voice of the Customer (VOC) to Critical to Quality (CTQ) Quantifiable Analysis and Correlation and Regression data, pave the way for actionable insights. This evaluation ensures higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and NPS. Pair this with our cutting-edge Power BI Dashboard, and you have real-time data at your fingertips, beautifully presented on customized dashboards tailored to your needs.

Everise doesn’t just stop there. Our advanced AI technologies, including Sentiment Analytics and Machine Learning, decode the mysteries of front and back-end customer experiences. Simultaneously, our in-depth Customer Journey Analytics and KPI Optimization zero in on your performance needs, segmenting them into varied opportunity areas. 

Everise Quality Assurance Model: Excellence, Defined

Our model commences with a thorough review of your business, laying the groundwork for aligning internal quality goals with broader external objectives. From resource planning and training to transaction monitoring, our meticulous processes ensure consistency and precision at every step. 

Standardized Dashboards

Make data-driven decisions with dashboards that allow you to review performance trends segmented by various parameters.

Data-Driven Root Cause Analysis

Our specialized RCA capture format ensures you glean insights from detailed case evaluations.

Collaborative Approach

Our Quality & Training Team collaborates on RCA reviews, call listening, and training needs analysis. Coupled with joint action planning involving Service Delivery and Training, we ensure effective coaching and performance management.

Harness Six Sigma and AI

Dive deeper into NPS analyses with our Six Sigma methodologies. Our expertise, combined with AI-driven Sentiment Analytics and Machine Learning, offers a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments.

Boost Your Sales Revenue:

Let us guide you in pinpointing opportunities through statistical analysis tools and mapping sales journeys, maximizing your revenue potential.

Success Options​ ​


Transactional Quality Audits
NH Training Certification
Nesting Class Evaluation
Program Level Reporting and Analysis


Power BI Dashboard ​
Statistical Process Methodologies​
Business Analytics, RCA and Process Improvement​
DMAIC, CX Journey Mapping, Sales Funnel Analysis​


Continuous Improvement (KAIZEN, KATO)​ ​
Speech Analytics and AI Platform
100% Call Audit​

Join Us: The Pioneers of Continuous Improvement

Improved Sales Conversion by QA Intervention

We're not just your average quality assurance team; we're your partners in innovation. With a relentless focus on understanding caller sentiment and optimizing customer journeys, we strive for perfection at every touchpoint. Step into a world of enhanced operational mechanisms, data-driven insights, and a promise of quality assurance. Welcome to Everise. Let's create remarkable experiences together.

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