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Everise Climbs to the Top

SINGAPORE 22 July 2019 – Winners for being amongst the best workplace have been released, and The Silicon Review announces Everise climbs to the top by being awarded one of the 50 Best Workplaces of the Year in 2019.

Established in 2016 with a vision to disrupt the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, CEO Sudhir Agarwal lead the helm with a series of mergers and acquisitions to acquire two best in class Customer Experience companies in the US, C3 and Trusource Labs; an Enterprise AI company in Malaysia, Hyperlab; and started a Joint Venture called Globee with Korean BPO giant, UBASE in Malaysia, all in the span of 18 months. Together they form the world’s leading Global experience company with 12,000 deeply talented, technology-driven customer experience professionals, with the unifying purpose to elevate experiences not only for their clients, but their own employees equally.

Agarwal reacts to the honour by saying, “I am truly proud and humbled to be receiving this award. After the acquisitions, each of the four companies went through some growing pains to become one under the Everise umbrella. But thanks to the “We Are Everise” strategy which integrated the company’s culture, policies, and people along with a shared purpose to elevate experiences, we are living our values of being people-first, celebrating diversity, and incubating innovation. This award is the proof in the pudding that our values are worth eating.” Other notable winners are, a self-driving technology firm and Snowflake, a cloud-first data warehouse.

Everise is an 11-time award winning leading Asia-based Global Experience company, delivering over 500,000 customer experiences each boasting 12,000 technology-driven customer experience professionals, speaking more than 20 languages in 13 locations including US, Europe, Asia, and South America; serving Fortune 500 brands and the world’s most loved unicorns.

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