Press Release

Best Company to Work for in Asia

MANILA 22 June 2019 – C3/CustomerContactChannels, an Everise company, is honoured at HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards 2019, with a gala dinner held in the Marriot Hotel in Manila, Philippines.

Human resource publication HR Asia is the only employee-driven award offered in all of the Philippines. Over the past three months, they deployed over 20,000 surveys across the country. The survey measures employee engagement by how well workers respond to company culture and management; interact with fellow employees; and view their personal motivation in working for the company; participants were full-time employees.

Twenty-three companies demonstrated high levels of employee engagement and have been named among the best establishments to work by HR Asia, walking away with a trophy and bragging rights.

“What a wonderful surprise to win this award!” said Sudhir Agarwal, Everise’s Chief Executive Officer. “I feel so blessed to have such a great team here in the Philippines, and to know that our first core value of being people-first is being positively received by our employees. This award proves our employee engagement is where it needs to be, and it’s only going to grow as we continue to elevate our people and their experiences daily.”

Other well-known companies were among the winners such as Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, and Shell, which makes this particular win even more momentous as there were only two BPO companies that won the coveted award, C3/Everise being one of them.

With deep roots in the outsourcing industry, and over two decades of experience, Everise was established in 2016 by Sudhir Agarwal and his partners who believed in his vision to redefine the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry by seeking out and acquiring innovative companies who were able to showcase how they were delivering transformational customer experiences to their clients.

Everise is made up of a number of highly innovative companies, including US-based C3/CustomerContactChannels, Trusource Labs, which specialises in IoT product experiences and Apple Helpdesk support, Malaysia-based Hyperlab, Southeast Asia's leading Conversational AI company, and a joint venture with

UBASE, Korea’s largest BPO to form Globee, a multilingual hub in Malaysia. Everise has also partnered with Microsoft to develop an AI platform to disrupt the Contact Center and BPO industry.

As a leading Asia-based Global Experience company winning 11 awards in 2019 to date, Everise delivers over 500,000 customer experiences each day for Fortune 500 brands and the world's most loved unicorns. Globally, Everise boasts 12,000 technology-driven customer experience professionals, who speak more than 20 different languages in 13 locations including US, Europe, Asia, and South America.