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AI-powered chatbot

Everise/C3 Develop First Internationally-Developed AI-Powered Chatbot to Revolutionize BPO Recruitment

Created to aid talent acquisition, Ana the Chatbot is a game-changer for the recruitment process

July 31, 2018-- Singapore -- Everise/C3 announce the launch of its first internally developed recruitment chatbot. Ana the Chatbot will aid in talent acquisition for Everise/C3 and was designed by the C3 Lab following the recent partnership between Everise/C3 and Microsoft to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for the BPO industry. The development of the chatbot is one of several technology solutions created in the C3 Lab and is designed to enhance engagement between Everise/C3, and its digitally savvy, younger employees. Ana will be engaging applicant questions 24 hours a day, supporting Talent Acquisition for Everise/C3.

“We know through working with several of the world’s leading brands that we are in the midst of a digital revolution and we need to adapt to the needs and habits of our future talent,” says Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise/C3. “Creating an AI-powered chatbot with the ability to field complex questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week is vital to this effort and will allow potential employees to receive information with minimal effort – something they are accustomed to in other aspects of their everyday lives.”

Ana will have the ability to address a broad range of questions and queries and direct applicants to the job field that suits them best without overpowering them with too much information. Over time, Ana’s AI and Machine Learning capabilities will further improve, resulting in even more intelligent responses and the ability to perform across multiple channels – from the website to text, social media, and mobile platforms.

Ana’s tone is conversational, friendly and provides accurate answers quickly. The conversation is peppered with memes, GIFs, emojis, and images more reminiscent of a typical Text, WhatsApp or WeChat conversation with a friend. Ana reduces the time it takes to obtain both basic and complex information, allowing the applicant to more quickly navigate the application, screening and assessment process. Ana can convert more interested leads into applicants for each site across the world and her responses are tailored by geography to ensure that each applicant receives a personalized experience. Ana will also provide prospective employees with information about the company such as the benefits the company provides employees.

“Talent Acquisition is critical to any company and many firms focus a significant amount of effort on enhancing their own customer experiences through offering digital services to drive engagement. We believe it is equally important to treat potential employees with the same attention and effort,” added Mr. Agarwal. “Ana has been developed within the C3 Lab and will truly revolutionize the way we attract and onboard new talent. This is the perfect tool to engage with applicants who are younger, more digitally-savvy and deliver the beginning of an employment experience that is unique and rewarding.”

The development of Ana reflects Everise/C3’s continuing evolution into a technology-driven BPO firm by developing innovative and proprietary technology solutions that complement human talent. This provides better experiences overall from a client, customer and employee perspective in order to truly create FANs. Ana will continue to develop into a more sophisticated recruitment aid, with further iterations being developed C3 Lab that will allow her to take applicants farther in their journey toward employment.

About Everise

Everise, owned by Sunrise BPO Services Pte. Ltd., Everstone, and ACPI, is the only Asia-based global experience company that provides, through its operating companies around the world, a full range of customer contact management services for corporate from both U.S. and international locations. The company’s vision is to create an Experience Company, meeting the need for innovation and disruption in the BPO industry through smart partnerships and technology, and by providing high-quality end-to-end customer experiences. In 2018, Everise partnered with Microsoft to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to disrupt the Contact Centre and BPO industry through an omni-channel customer service solution that targets voice, video and text interactions and delivers an unprecedented intelligent, customer-centric experience by leveraging the power of AI. Everise owns C3|CustomerContactChannels and co-owns Globee, a Global Business Service centre in Malaysia focusing on global clients looking for a multilingual solution.

About C3|Customer

ContactChannels C3|Customer Contact Channels, Inc. (C3), is owned and backed by Everise. With US headquarters in Florida, C3 is a leading international provider of outsourced customer relationship management solutions and meets growing customer demands by providing omnichannel customer service experiences around the world, creating loyal FANS and returning significant ROI for clients. C3 goes beyond traditional customer service, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the range and scope of services for clients and disrupting the global BPO industry. With over 10,000 employees worldwide, C3 provides multilingual omnichannel support to clients. With every client, customer, and employee experience, C3 maintains one simple goal, “We’ll make a FAN out of you.” To meet Ana and learn more about C3.

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