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We’ve invested heavily in leading-edge technology solutions to help digitize, automate, and transform your customer experience.

Tailor-Made Technology and Human Solutions From Start to End

We tailor our unique blend of tech and people to best meet your business needs, be it experience transformation, AI and automation, or digitization.



We optimize team performance with our cutting-edge, data-driven management platform which implements automated compliance, adaptive coaching, Interaction Monitoring, Real-time Feedback and Agent Shadowing as part of some of the best practices.



Our EverAI technology uses predictive analytics to help organizations retain valuable clients by enabling early attrition detection and prevention for long-term employee success and improved experience with our cutting-edge, data and AI driven predictive analytics management platform.


Digital Learning

We facilitate employee development and career advancement through our development programs, such as The Everise University, Everise Accelerator, and Everise Career Development Program.

Innovative Technology Solutions

At Everise, we are passionate about transforming how businesses interact with customers through cutting-edge technology solutions. We are proud to be at the forefront of the customer experience industry, constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our suite of world-class technology-enabled solutions is designed to drive people, processes, and business outcomes. We believe technology can revolutionize your business's customer interactions with real-time intelligent insights for agile data-fueled experience transformation. We are committed to helping your business create exceptional customer experiences for its customers. At Everise, we don't just provide solutions; we deliver happiness.

1: Everise Digital Footprint

Since 2017, we have been pioneering a journey of digital transformation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline and optimize our core business operations. Our comprehensive digital footprint spans a diverse range of solutions, all seamlessly integrated and powered by our core platform to drive unparalleled value for our stakeholders.

2: Healthcare Specific IT Solution

Discover the transformative power of Everise's intelligent tools. Our technology streamlines operations for key clients and improve performance.

After Call Work (ACW):ACW automation to identify and baseline reduction of average handle time (AHT), accuracy of transcribing and content summary

Automated Quality Assurance (QA): Optimized quality management; 100% contact analysis improved mandatory task compliance, and risk mitigation. Automated Coaching: Real-time speech recognition provides agent specific targeted actionable coaching and compliance adherence

Accent Modification: Real-time speech recognition and synthesis changes speaker’s accent

Intelligent Attrition Mitigation: Predictive and prescriptive analytics proactively reduces agent attrition

3: Conversational AI

Enhance customer interactions with natural language processing (NLP) technology. As a critical component of artificial intelligence (AI), NLP allows machines to comprehend human language and enable seamless human-to-machine interactions using voice bots or chatbots. Our comprehensive feature set includes pre-built conversation workflows, secure and stable systems, multilingual support, smart agent routing for live chat, multichannel support, and customer sentiment detection and analysis. For maximum impact, this technology can be deployed across various channels, including voice, chat, and WhatsApp.

4: Evie Bot

We elevate our employee experience with an artificial intelligence(AI) virtual assistant. Evie is a state- of-the-art conversational Al-powered platform that empowers employee self- service over Microsoft Teams. Our virtual assistant serves and assists in numerous areas, including human resources service delivery transformation and workplace support, 24/7 ticket & case management, centralized document management and harnessing numerous collaborative features provided by Microsoft Teams, access to frequently asked questions and user manuals anytime using the power of conversational AI, judging employees pulse using surveys and polls, sending real-time personalized notifications, and collecting employee feedbacks.

5: Community Moderation and Optimization

We create a positive community with a moderated social media platform. Our artificial intelligence based natural language processing (NLP) bots moderate offensive and objectionable content. With the help of appointed users, community groups can offer self-help and frequently asked questions to improve the user experience.

Some examples of content that can be moderated automatically with the help of artificial intelligence based bots:
·       Abusive Content
·       Adult Content
·       Profanity
·       Fake And Misleading Content
·       Racism

6: Omnichannel Contact Center

Our digital-first omnichannel technologies, powered by natural language understanding (NLU)/natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, support 30+ digital interaction channels, voice, and chat. Interactions are automatically synced across multiple channels, so it’s easy for our champions to go over the entire conversation history before they assist the customer. This also means that customers can choose their preferred mode of communication, leading to a higher level of customer satisfaction and a more personalized experience, Increased customer retention rates, Faster customer support resolution times, remote workforce optimization, reinforcement of customer trust by increasing brand accountability.

7: Digital Transformation

Experience the future of customer service with our cutting-edge technologies, including cloud services, analytics, voice recognition, omnichannel capabilities, and conversational artificial intelligence(AI). Our digital solutions, smart IVR, and automation are combined with industry-specific expertise and a digital transformation strategy. We foster a digital mindset culture fuelled by innovation, collaboration, experience transformation, infrastructure modernization, operational excellence and artificial intelligence/machine learning based analytics and insights throughout your organization for maximum impact.

8: CRM and Case Management

Maximize customer interactions by leveraging our expertise in deploying, customizing and supporting multiple leading customer relationship managemnt and case management systems. Our integrations with call center technology allow for automatic pop-ups for agents, reducing data entry and improving efficiency. Links to call recordings and contact records from multiple channels are easily accessible within the customer relationship management system for a more personalized and streamlined customer experience.

9: Real-time Agent Guidance and Coaching

A conversational artificial intelligence(AI) platform offers real-time coaching to call center agents during live customer interactions, improving productivity, reducing stress, and boosting employee satisfaction. Call center leaders can drive increased revenue outcomes and retention with targeted support and training. Experience the benefits of a powerful coaching solution that delivers accurate and practical guidance at scale.

10: Real-Time Accent Neutralization

Improve understanding by 31% and customer satisfaction by 21% with accent matching. Machine learning algorithm-based solution recognizes speech in real- time and outputs the exact words with an accent chosen from a list or detected. This not only increases profitability and operational efficiency but also drives customer satisfaction, Increases the pool of potential hires without lowering the quality standards and bringing the world and communities closer by greatly reducing the cultural gap due to different accent.

11: Advance Speech Analytics

AI-driven Advance Speech Analytics provides automatic and accurate transcription with sophisticated conversational analytics to identify and group words and phrases spoken during calls into themes, revealing rising trends and areas of opportunity. This technology helps improve the customer experience, monitor compliance, and gain insights from recorded calls to understand what drives customer sentiment. The solution also enhances quality monitoring by reviewing large samples and specific call types and reduces churn by discovering root causes and predicting at-risk customers.

12: Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Agents

Boost agent efficiency, reduce attrition, and enhance the customer experience by minimizing after-call work (ACW) time, shortening average handle time (AHT), and decreasing call wait times. Our solution guides agents on the next best actions, automates manual tasks, and integrates with various systems to streamline the agent-customer experience. Real-time language understanding technology ensures agents understand customer intent, not just what they say, while providing a detailed call summary and automatically updating other systems.

13: Employee Engagement and Collaboration

Collaboration and communication are key components of a great workplace. At Everise, we take pride in deploying and enabling self-service employee chatbots, enterprise social networking, centralized knowledge bases, and an employee intranet that promote a culture of inclusivity through streamlined communication and centralized collaboration by providing a place for social and informal communication to enhance the employee experience.

14: Efficiency Improvement

Our Business Process Re-engineering and streamlined system integrations improve operational efficiency, data interchange, and agility, promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Combining robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and self-service portals for employees has led to savings of millions of dollars every year while enhancing our enterprise data maturity.
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