Yuichiro Ura

Director, Japan Operations

As the Director of Business Development for Everise, Yuichiro Ura is responsible for overseeing the development of Everise’s Japan Hub, leading both organic and inorganic growth targets. In this role, he also manages recruitment for our Japan Work-at-Home program and Multilingual Hub in Kuala Lumpur.

Yuichiro’s career began in 1987 as part of the Corporate Finance Division for Nikko Securities Ltd. where he worked as an Account Manager for 15 public and 20 unlisted companies. During his stay, he offered stocks, bonds, and other investment products as well as various financing proposals to raise financial capital.

In 2004, Yuichiro worked with TWG Warranty Services Inc. as Director of Sales & Marketing, General Manager. He was able to manage and restructure the overall organization when it was in a state of deterioration. Despite losing major clients due to previous mismanagement, he recovered and regained significant sales revenue while maintaining stable growth and generating new clients. Yuichiro also introduced a new warranty program for the first time in the Japanese market. It allowed internet dealers to sell warranty services from the website, which helped reduce overall costs and provided a service package to compete against the nationwide home electronics dealers.

Yuichiro’s most recent role prior to joining Everise was working as the Client Service Director for Teledirect (TDCX) Japan. He handled high-level contract negotiations for both Japanese and foreign clients and partners while managing the inside-sales program for a global engineering company.

Outside of work, Yuichiro enjoys spending his weekends playing golf with friends and cruising down the coastline.