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Sachin Mehra

CEO, Hyperlab

Sachin Mehra is the CEO of Hyperlab –an Everise company- Asia’s most awarded Conversational AI company. In his role, he leads the strategy behind building Hyperlab to the world’s leading multilingual bot solution provider.

Far from his first rodeo, Sachin is a prolific technology entrepreneur with a career spanning over two decades where he’s built companies in Software, Electronics, Consulting, Knowledge Services & Telecommunications. Sachin has had many firsts in his career, from starting India’s first broadband company to its first radio taxi company, including Spectranet, India’s first metro optical broadband provider. He has also held leadership positions at ICI Ventures, India’s largest venture capital firm and is a well-known figure in technology circles.

When Sachin isn’t leading with his finger on the pulse of AI, he enjoys fly fishing, spending time with his family and tinkering with his home network.