Chris Greenough

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer for Everise, a leading customer experience
solutions and technology company. As CMO, he is responsible for bringing Everise’s
transformational brand into life, communicating it effectively to both business and
talent audiences across the Americas and Asia. He leads a diverse team of marketing,
internal communication, public relations and creative professionals.

Chris’s journey into marketing began when he moved to Malaysia as a Digital Planner
for FutureLab Asia in 2011. The firm was later acquired by digital services firm APD in
2012 where he advanced to Head of Strategy for Asia. Chris’s experience combines
digital and marketing strategy, advertising, market research, and brand planning.
Recognizing that consumers were shifting to self-service channels, he co-founded
Hyperlab in 2016 with a vision of making Conversational AI the primary interface for
automating customer experiences. Hyperlab now powers Everise’s Digital Experience
solutions, after being acquired by Everise in 2018.

Notable awards and accomplishments include an EFFIE and Mumbrella’s Campaign of
the Year. Chris has also judged the Malaysian and APAC EFFIE Awards, STEVIES Awards
and has contributed articles for Chatbots Magazine, TechinAsia, Marketing Magazine
and Customer Think on the intersect of technology and customer experience.

News and Insights

Solving the Surge in Stimulus Support with Intelligent, Distributed CX
On 28 December, a $900 billion pandemic relief bill was signed into law, which included enhanced unemployment benefits and direct cash payments. The immediate effect for financial services companies was an increase in customer inquiries, placing a large and unplanned burden on customer support teams, with some companies citing volume increases of over 1000%... yes 1000%.
2021: The Dawn of Flexshoring
Historian Yuval Harrari told Noema Magazine in June that the world is going to be “fluid and malleable”. As we draw near to the end of 2020, this remains true. Organizational resilience continues to be contingent on employing mindful risk mitigation strategies while retaining an entrepreneurial spirit.
How Everise has thrived in the Philippines
When the pandemic hit, Everise swiftly transitioned 95% of our champions in the Philippines into a secure work-at-home environment within weeks - since then we have continued to thrive.
Impact Report: How COVID-19 Is Transforming the BPO Industry
After having to completely transform overnight, the BPO industry now finds itself poised at its next impasse. Is work-at-home simply a business continuity plan, or is it the new table stakes for the industry. It's at these moments it's good to take a measured review of how ready the industry was and what it's doing to prepare for the future.
Impact Report: How COVID-19 Is Transforming the BPO Industry
Since Everise quickly transitioned to a home-based support model in March, our people have now had time to adjust to a work-from-home environment. We've gathered internal data and learnings to review our work-from-home operations and see how it has affected our employees and overall performance.