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Chris Greenough

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer for Everise, as well as Co-founder of Hyperlab- an Everise company. He is often times found on stage evangelizing Conversational AI and captivating an audience with the future of sales and support automation when not leveraging on his decade of experience in advertising and marketing.

Chris’s journey into marketing began when he worked as a Digital Planner for FutureLab Asia in 2011. The firm was later acquired by 360-degree digital services firm APD in 2012 and he advanced as the Regional Digital Planner and two years later as Head of Strategy for Asia. He became an award-winning strategist and digital consultant equipped with experiences across different industries and cultures, and ready to take on greater challenges and opportunities. Chris’s pool of knowledge combines digital and marketing strategy, online and traditional advertising, social and digital media, market research, and strategic planning. The culmination of his work reached new heights when he co-founded Hyperlab in 2016 with a unified dream of becoming a global experience enabler through technology and innovation.

To keep his knowledge sharp and up to date, Chris also contributes to Chatbots Magazine, DataDriven.SG, and Marketing Magazine. When not engulfed in work, he keeps in peak physical health by running and participating in obstacle course races.