Alton Martin
SVP, Growth, Trusource Labs

Alton Martin is the Co-Founder and Principal at US-based TruSource Labs, an Everise Company, and is a veteran in the contact center/BPO industry. TruSource Labs forms part of Everise, a Singapore-based firm that has grown into an almost US$250 million global experience company since its inception only three years ago with over 12,000 Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered employees powering over 500,000 customer service interactions on a daily basis in 13 locations speaking over 20 different languages.

Alton co-founded TruSource Labs in 2013 and has helped grow the company into a major player in the industry. TruSource Labs provides specialist customer support for Internet of Things (IoT) and help desk experiences for Apple users and has a proven track record of delivering service excellence in the IoT space from the initial Beta stages that products go through to mass adoption.

In addition to running Trusource Labs, Alton is a Faculty Member at University of Tennessee, Center for Executive Education where he mentors business students. Alton is the subject matter expert surrounding the contact center/BPO space for Vested Outsourcing, a 21st century hybrid business model based on award-winning research conducted by the University of Tennessee Center for Executive Education and funded by the U.S. Air Force.

Alton has spent decades in the contact center/BPO industry, and has held CEO positions SPOT Consulting LLC and Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. In both roles he managed the growth and success of organisations who specialised in providing technical solutions for customer contact centers.