Lana Pagnoux of Everise Wins Rising Star Award at the D-Awards 2021

Jade Randall

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10th May 2021, Singapore – The Malaysian Digital Association hosts the d-Awards, an annual ceremony to honor and recognize the people, agencies, brands, publishers, and digital service providers who embrace and use digital technologies. The organization looks for creativity and media in the design and development of digital experiences that transform how customers view and consume products.

This year, Everise, a leading global customer and product experience solutions and technology company, received two honors from the Malaysian d-Awards; one for Best Platform Development for their solution of a digital assistant platform built for enabling millennials to self-service on digital channels; and a second award recognized Everise once again as a Best Tech Developer for their Digital Experience (DX) Blueprint approach.

Everise’s digital experience platform, exage, runs on a fully customizable, proprietary tech stack for rapid prototyping and optimization, focusing on maximizing support options for customers, which contributed to the judge’s decision.

The top award of the ceremony went to Everise’s Lana Kobayashi Pagnoux, a Conversational AI and Digital Experience Consultant, who won the Rising Star Award. Lana’s experience helping leading enterprises digitally evolve their business through the use of AI, Conversational User Experiences and Interface Design were deciding factors on her award.

“With a background in the Philosophy of the Mind and Language and Logic, Lana brings a unique perspective to Everise’s Conversational AI solutions. We are truly proud to have her on our team and give kudos to her for this tremendous honor,” said Ganapathy Subramaniyan, Chief Information Officer at Everise.

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