We Celebrate Diversity

Workplace diversity can be simply defined as the differences between a set of people in each work setting. In today’s globalized work economy, however, diversity must be addressed in all its forms. At Everise, for instance, we foster diversity of thinking at all levels including the perception of one’s self and of others through our mentorship and global exchange programs. Any organization looking to step up their game must consider creating an inclusive and diversified workplace.

A survey by Glassdoor found that 67 percent of job seekers place a strong emphasis on workforce diversity when assessing companies and job offers. This means that potential top talents are searching for pro-diversity work cultures in companies and views such as positive indicators that entail acceptance, growth, and collaboration. Furthermore, the survey reveals that the majority of employees believe diversity initiatives must come from their leaders.

The Forbes Coaches Council delineates how to assimilate pro-diversity practices in the workplace. Like any other step towards growth and change, it starts with acceptance. On a business-wide level, leaders must first be able to shift their mindset to adapt strong positive values and communicate it across the entire organization. Then they must recognize the merits of diversifying their workforce followed by a strong plan of action that’s centered on creating a supportive work environment. This lends itself to bring out the uniqueness of each team member, not only to be more than just an employee but as a critical unit in the workplace. Leaders may achieve this by creating avenues that celebrate individual accomplishments.

When leaders successfully diversity their workplaces, big things start happening. It makes absolute sense that companies operating on a global scale must also hire and think global. When it comes to recruitment, diversified companies can select from a wider range of applicants which increases the chance of finding the right talent, according to PeopleScout. In practice, diversity can increase productivity and has access to a larger spectrum of creative ideas. A multicultural workforce is also more flexible in attracting clients and can better communicate with them. However, it goes without saying that diversity doesn’t come without its share of challenges. Communication and cultural barriers may creep their way in resulting as a hindrance to teamwork. Some may be resistant to change over the implementation of workplace policies. Age gaps may also create a divide in the workforce when different generations are brought together to function as a single unit.

At Everise we’ve put in place initiatives that encourage cultural diversity at all levels, supporting over 20 languages in our locations. Our global exchange program, which deploys high performing employees across our locations and promotes workforce diversity, elevates global career paths for further growth. By taking a step back, we give our customer experience experts the chance to look at things from a different perspective and thus empowering them to ask questions and challenge the status quo. We also harness international mobility through our mentorship program, where our employees benefit from a one-on-one relationship with an executive leader. These grants access to a massive pool of knowledge and experience, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. Other pro-diversity policies include rebranding our facilities to be inclusive and useable by all genders. These small but impactful programs make the difference for our employees, as our inside research and results have proven. Everise has and will continue to elevate experiences daily not only for our clients but for our employees.

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