Working Title: Global Mobility Part 1-Win the War for Talent

Global Mobility- Winning the War for Talent

International mobility is a prevalent strategy administered by giant companies, such as Google and Facebook, at the onset of globalization. More than ever, global employee exchange programs are on the uprising trend to becoming one of the critical elements of modern talent management. PwC’s Talent Mobility research reported up to 50% growth in global assignees by 2020. Leaders also realize the impact of international exchange on their talent acquisition and retention initiatives. Conversely, such opportunity improves the employee experience and boosts long-term engagement across a network of teams in multiple offices.

Global mobility is crucial for companies that are undergoing the transition into the millennial-led business world. With 80% of millennials desire to work outside their home country, it’s clear that the younger generation values experiences that can only be gained from living and working abroad. Therefore, having the capabilities to promote global exchange programs (GEP) brings forth many benefits to any organization, including:

  • Valuable knowledge exchange
  • New market growth
  • Employee professional development
  • Connected global network
  • Improved diversity and inclusion

Global Mobility and Employee Career Development

Employees assigned for the GEP are believed to gain significant career progression and skill acquisition, according to a Harvard Business Review’s report.

The possibility of working overseas is beneficial on a more personal level as well. The GEP allows individuals to build cultural literacy, mastery of foreign languages, and expand their networks. All these contribute to positive employee experience, helping companies to retain their top talent and reduce attrition.  That said, a successful global exchange program must aim to empower employees to grow.

Traditional corporations raise concerns of GEP being the culprit of the brain drain cycle. But it has yielded unbeatable results for business growth in the past. At Everise, we believe that a global exchange program is the key to closing the talent gaps. Employees that are exposed to international projects and teams can bring back the skills and knowledge to train their colleagues back home. Vice versa, they can share experiences that their foreign counterparts may lack, and ultimately innovate business processes throughout the organization.

I am proud to say Everise is committed to building a diverse workplace through our Global Experience Exchange Program. We aim to provide our employees more than just a job opportunity - it’s all about creating an irreplaceable experience, to open wider CX career paths for high performing employees and improve how we share each of individual skills across Everise geographies.

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