Merging Customer Experience with the Internet of Things

Merging Customer Experience with the Internet of Things

Last year, Everise acquired the US company, Trusource Labs. Based in Austin, Texas, Trusource Labs have stood out for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are extremely good at what they do, providing customer and help desk services to technology-related products and services, many of which are often highly complex and sophisticated. This takes skills and ability.

Secondly, Trusource Labs’ culture and vibe fits with Everise’s. This is a company that has an excellent reputation, marquee clients, is innovative and creative and will open up tremendous opportunities for us as we move forward. Thirdly, they allow Everise to add yet another arrow to our bow, and further prepare us for the digital future, specifically, a future that is dominated by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Increasingly, our home and the contents of our home are becoming more connected to the internet. At the moment this may be limited to your phone and/or TV, but soon we will see smart fridges, washing machines, showers, air-conditioning units, taps and more start to emit data that can be used to improve the way we live and make our lives more efficient.

This is fundamentally a good thing and should result in better knowledge on how we live and work, lower costs and healthier lives. However, it also adds complexity. When things stop working users can no longer simply call a plumber or electrician, or try to fix it themselves, rather they will need the help of a developer or software engineer.

This requires a step-change in the way brands provide customer experience solutions. When a customer contacts their fridge supplier it is highly likely they will be frustrated, even angry, and would need a solution quickly before their butter melts and milk goes sour. For customer service providers such as Everise, the ability to understand complex technical problems and solve them from far away is imperative – and it is this ability that Trusource Labs provides us.

That's why they incubated and launched their own video chat solution, VIP-Start-Me-Up, to solve this problem. Launched in partnership with leading Smart Home Hub, Caavo, this White-Glove Service delivers market-leading CX and has achieved a 100% installation success rate with video tech support.

Everise added Trusource Labs to its expanding suite of solutions and companies, joining Globee and Hyperlab. We are also incorporating our own capabilities, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions through our partnership with Microsoft.

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