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In 2019, Let’s Fight Disruption Together

Technological disruption has been occurring on many facets of the economy since the Dotcom era. Enabled by scalable, collaborative networks, today’s “disruptors”, such as Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Netflix, and Google established that it’s possible to deliver high-value to customers at near to zero marginal costs.

As a result, traditional enterprises have had to play catch-up, going through their own digital transformation in an effort to replicate their success and compete with a new wave of startups and upstarts. But this is not new news.

Back in 2013 at the Gartner Symposium, Peter Sontergard first preached that “every company is a technology company,” followed infamously by Goldman Sach’s CEO, who said, “Goldman Sachs is a technology firm.” In the past five years, companies have understood that they need to invest in technology, but they have forgotten the “why”.

For instance, fintech companies have changed the way people manage money, replacing the bureaucratic experience of banks in exchange for e-wallets, virtual currency, and P2P lending. Banking is changing not because of technology, but because technology enables better customer experiences.

This year, international design firm Fjord announced their trend for 2019: The search for value. At Everise, we don’t think they went far enough - it’s not enough to look for value, you have to fight for it.

In today’s Experience Economy, businesses must continue to innovate by putting their customers first if they stand a chance at disrupting the disruptors.

We chose “Fight Disruption: Winning Customers In Today’s Experience Economy” as the theme at this years Everise Summit because the market is acutely rewarding and penalising business who have experience-driven businesses. Even the disruptors aren’t safe. Despite the promises of digital transformation, it’s the investment in people, a focus on the changing needs of customers, and the will to act, which separates the winners and losers.

We’re looking forward to hosting our valued partners and industry experts as we share our playbook for fighting disruption with an experience-driven mindset. For those of you attending, see you in Vegas.

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