Philippine BPO industry

Why AI won’t spell the end of Philippine BPO industry

EVERISE Holdings, Inc. downplayed fears of massive job losses in the Philippine business process outsourcing (BPO) sector as the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to operations gain ground, stressing that new technology can augment human strengths and allow the industry to thrive.

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Artificial Intelligence: Job Killer or Creator?

It is clear that artificial intelligence will cause disruption in the workplace, but will it actually lead to mass job losses and discontent?

Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword that seems to elicit many different opinions, thoughts, and emotions from different people. For some, AI is the dawn of a dystopian future, one that is dominated by a few large companies or billionaires who control the technology while the rest of us are forced to live in their shadow. For others, AI is the key to a more productive, happier future where mundane jobs will be a thing of the past, and society will be more equal and prosperous.

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Overcoming Singapore's expansion challenges

By leveraging technology and smart partnerships, Singapore can transcend its size and grow into Asia.

Singapore has always been a trading nation, by necessity more than design. The small island on the tip of Malaysia does not have natural resources or the size to be self-sustaining in the traditional sense, rather it has had to trade its way to prosperity. This has meant developing itself as a hub for others to come and do business, something it has succeeded in, becoming the foremost financial hub in the region and home to the world’s top companies who have chosen Singapore as their regional HQ.

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