At Everise, we understand that effective collaboration between physicians and Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) services is crucial to delivering quality services. Our refined approach to PBM not only aids members in managing their medication needs but also collaborates extensively with physicians to streamline the prescription process and optimize patient outcomes.

Fostering Effective Physician Services

We believe in optimizing member outcomes through strategic physician services underpinning our PBM offerings.

Prior Authorization

Our agents coordinate with physicians to avoid unnecessary treatment expenses to ensure prior authorization for high-cost medications. This proactive step ensures members receive the proper service at the right time without any unwarranted financial burdens.

Prescription Coordination

Our agents work in tandem with physicians to provide clear formulary and price impacts. This process involves confirming that the prescribed drugs align with a patient’s health plan coverage, thus avoiding unforeseen expenses and promoting consistent medication adherence.

Managing Refill Timing and Formulary Status

Our PBM services take the extra step to manage refill timing and keep physicians informed of when a new prescription is need. Additionally we coordinate the refill timing to better match the needs of mail order delivery. This smooth coordination helps prevent medication shortages, ensuring patients access their necessary medications.

Educating Physicians

A fundamental part of our service involves educating physicians on various medications’ financial implications and network status. This transparency facilitates better decision-making, ensuring patients receive the most effective and cost-efficient treatment options.

A Holistic Healthcare BPO Partnership

We are committed to improving the PBM experience for everyone involved – from the physicians who prescribe the medications to the members who rely on them for their health. 

Our proactive physician services represent a win-win situation for everyone. For physicians, it means less administrative work and more time to focus on patient care. For members, it means a smoother prescription process, potential cost savings, and increased adherence to medication regimens. 

We’re not just a middleman; we are a Healthcare BPO committed to building a holistic future by partnering with physicians and creating a superior PBM experience. Our focus is always on health, convenience, and efficient healthcare delivery. Together, let’s redefine healthcare. 

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