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Unveiling the Power of Personalized Pharmacy Benefits Management

In order for members to get the maximum benefit from their plan, PBMs need to proactively make members aware of options that they may not be utilizing, such as mail order and medication packaging. Everise’s agents are well versed in the outreach and “selling” of these services to sometimes skeptical members. 

Make Medication Accessible Through Mail Order Services

Mail order provides significant benefits for members including convivence, cost savings and improved medication adherence. Our agents aim to shift the paradigm from retail pharmacies to mail-order services, saving members time and making medication management hassle-free. We’ve enhanced the conventional mail-order concept and overcome members’ objections to support easy prescription transfers, management and timely medication delivery.

Customized Pill Packaging: The Next Level of Personalization

When available, Everise agents take every opportunity to educate members on the benefits of customized pill packaging. It’s more than a convenience; it’s a service that puts patients first, allowing easy management of multiple medications by organizing them into individual daily doses. We’ve found that once members start using this service, they appreciate its value and continue to do so, creating a sticky customer base and driving member retention. From education to enrolment, Everise agents have the experience to guide members through this process.

Elevating Your Wellness Journey: Over-The-Counter Offerings

We’ve got you covered, from vitamins and supplements to essential healthcare products. When part of a member’s plan, this is another service that Everise agents promote when appropriate. The ability to offer extensive over-the-counter (OTC) products is appreciated by members and complements the delivery of prescribed medications, ensuring they have everything to stay healthy.

Sales Driven, Member-Focused

Our sales strategies are underpinned by our understanding of PBM services and their impact on members’ healthcare journeys. We leverage our industry knowledge, experience, and commitment to patient care to drive our sales operations. Our goal is to create a healthcare experience that is as comfortable as comprehensive.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our operational success is measured by key indicators such as first-call resolution, average handle time, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, Quality Assurance (QA), and adherence to daily schedules and attendance. These rigorous performance metrics ensure that our services consistently meet our high standards and deliver exceptional value to your members.

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