Workforce Optimization​ (WFO)

What is “workforce optimization (WFO)“?

This refers to a business strategy that incorporates contact center technologies to promote efficient operational productivity. This approach primarily involves automation of processes, data visibility, business compliance, and problem-solving.

Workforce optimization helps unify all call center technologies, applications, and interactive platforms into a single management point to improve the exposure of client experiences, employee efficiency, and business processes. This strategy ensures that customers can have a fully optimized experience as they go through the brand’s processes.


Why is workforce optimization important?

Once implemented effectively, workforce optimization can have the ability to empower the human resources (HR) team. This strategy also enhances agent efficiency as it enables managers across the organization to know who the top performers are and who may be struggling. It can also provide a more granular view of the company’s productivity patterns and what further changes or improvements can be made to optimize task completion and distribution. 


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