Support Community

The most successful consumer-facing brands are those that build vibrant ecosystems around the quality contributions of engaged customers. A support community or community forum is a form of social media that brings together customers of a brand, product, or service. Within these forums or portals, customers can access self-help tools and tap into the collective knowledge, offering a more engaging support channel.

Positive and well-managed support communities are the perfect venue for the mavens among your user base to do their thing, grow in their advocacy of your product, and cut your support costs at the same time.

There, users not only offer invaluable customer satisfaction insights and knowledge base content but also help solve one another’s problems. Even better, user contributions provide analysts clues pointing to the deep, non-obvious factors often driving many seemingly unrelated product support contacts.

Everise has built and run enormously successful product support communities and saved clients millions of dollars each year in the process.


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