First Contact Resolution (FCR)

What is “first contact resolution (FCR)“?

First contact resolution (FCR) is a commonly used term in call and contact centers. This measures the number of incoming service calls or queries that are resolved successfully during the first interaction with a customer. This metric is often favored as it clearly identifies the statistical link between follow-up calls and customer satisfaction rating (CSAT).

FCR metric are used in junction with the average handling time (AHT) or the average time the agent spent on a customer call.


How can you improve first call resolution?

The key to improving first-call resolution is vigilance. To do this, companies must evaluate current FCR so they can develop achievable goals, and then put their plan into place. Here are some effective ways on how to improve your FCR.

Build an informative knowledge base – Building a fantastic knowledge base center would provide your customers with all the answers they need. Some might argue that it doesn’t actually help in improving FCR, but this tool can provide resolution to customer queries which can reduce the number of phone calls your customers have to make.

Minimize customer effort – A good customer service is the one that is fast and easy. When a customer call, try to minimize the amount of work s/he have go through just to get to his/her intended department. This is usually one of the main reasons why they request follow up and call backs. Try to map out customer journey to get a better view on how your organization is handling calls.

Anticipate customer needs – To provide excellent customer service, it’s companies need to have the ability to anticipate potential issues customer might experience before they even occur. Awareness of how the customer interact with the product or service can provide valuable insights on the possible source of problems. Getting customer feedback or having customer survey is a great method to gather information all you need.


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