Data Entry

What do you mean by “data entry”?

Data entry refers to the the process of typing or encoding information into digital format usually with the use or a computer or any electronic device. In the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, people who work as data processor, typist, transcriber, and coder would usually fall under this category.

Although data entry doesn’t require any special skill set, one of the essential requirements of this job is the knowledge of using a computer and the ability to read and understand the requested language, which is often in English.


How important is data entry to businesses?

Data entry allows businesses to develop a database that contains information relevant to their company. It helps many businesses store and organize data in an easily accessible manner while keeping it in a secure location. Creating a comprehensive data system attributes to smoother and more efficient day-to-day operations, which in turn, boost business growth.

Additionally, having a systematic process of database entry ensures confidentiality and security of high-risk information in a company.


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