Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

What is “automatic speech recognition (ASR) system“?

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) refers to the technology which allows humans to use their voices to make a command or speak with a computer interface. ASR technologies are also called speech-to-text or transcription systems. Virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are some of the most notable examples of ASR technologies. Since its development, the primary goal of ASR is to resemble a normal human conversation.

Today, the most advanced version of ASR technologies revolves around NLP (Natural Language Processing). This model is the closest experts have developed, which allows real conversation and communication between people and machine intelligence. smartphone interfaces like the Siri program on the iPhone and other systems used in business and advanced technology contexts.


How automatic recognition speech works?

Speech recognition occurs as soon as a computer (or a machine) receives a voice command from a human. The ASR system will then process that input by breaking down the various components of speech and then transcribing that speech to text.

There are also speaker-dependent ASR systems. These platforms are trained and programmed to recognize words and speech patterns. These voice-recognition systems are the technologies that are usually used in smart devices.


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