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What Makes
So Smart?

exage is an enterprise-class customer experience platform consisting of several integrated applications that have been developed and adapted to design, build, deliver and manage world-class omnichannel customer experiences.

How Does exage Technology Power End-to-End Experiences?

Natural Language Understanding
exage NLU orchestrates incoming conversations to determine context, intent and entities based on conversational models trained in Dojo. At the heart of our NLU are proprietary algorithms for data cleansing and language modeling that are built on top of highly supported open-source libraries.

Security Compliant
Cross-channel federated ID management system allowing fine tuning of access control parameters to comply with enterprise security requirements.

APIs, Integrations and Middleware
Built API-ready, our middleware allows you to manage all your integrations in one platform so you can deliver one seamless, omnichannel experience. 

Immersive Interactions
Use AI to bring your brand voice to life through an immersive digital avatar that can be deployed on multiple interfaces to maximize customer satisfaction. Automate a personalized experience across any channel, while enabling smart escalation workflows to your human support teams.   

Why our partners love exage

Deliver end-to-end digital experiences
Able to reroute contact volumes within minutes
 Compliment to HIPAA, PCI, SOC2 and HiTrust  certification.
Have full control over your data models
Flexibility to deploy low to full-code on premise, cloud or hybrid
The most awarded Digital Experience platform

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with RPA

A global shipping, logistics and delivery leader, tasked Everise to develop an automated process to extract and standardize data requested by customs agents to get packages moving efficiently though borders. This kind of adaptive digital transformation is an example of the Everise approach to robotic process automation, which sits at the core of the experience evolution we offer our partners.

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