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Finally, A Holistic CX Platform For The Evolved Brand

Everise has built, curated and seamlessly integrated critical applications your business needs to deliver a seamlessly unified customer & product support experience while maximizing your return on investment.

Intelligent Applications

exage is made up of 6 core applications that give CX leaders, developers and admins the tools to create intelligent experiences.

Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center
Contact is a powerful and flexible cloud contact center software, enabling enterprise to deliver an integrated omnichannel customer experience.  

AI-Powered Agent Monitoring
Sentinel is an AI-powered agent monitoring software, ensuring the highest standard of consumer data protection and privacy are met in a remote environment, while intelligently balancing the data privacy of our agents. 

Object Library
Headless Content Management System
A headless CMS that manages large, disparate content collections that are annotated and searchable across a variety of channels. 

Conversational AI Training Studio
Dojo is an enterprise-grade multilingual NLU training studio that enables businesses easy access to pre-trained intents and entities, as well as train their own unique data-sets for chat and voice experiences.

Business Intelligence
360° Actionable Insights
Built for the data-driven executive, Business Intelligence taps into more than 60 data connectors to provide real-time reporting on your customer experience operations. 

Agent Intelligence
Advanced Agent Performance Analytics
An advanced performance management and coaching platform that provides data-led analysis of coaching effectiveness, enabling frontline supervisors, coaches and agents to manage and improve call-center performance. 

exage Integrates with the Best Technology Partners

Breaking out of silos and digitally evolving your business a partner who has experience working with and developing the world’s best enablement platforms through a managed service.

Experience Transformation ​

Operations Excellence

IT Infrastructure

Data & Analytics

AI & Automation ​

Smart Helpdesk Support

exage automates repetitive tasks, providing employees with individualized help while ensuring they have access to 24/7 helpdesk support. Learn how exage digitizes HR, IT, Merchant, Partner, Sales or other internal helpdesks, while improving your level of service.

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