Everise to Recruit and Train over 2,000 Licensed Healthcare Agents in Advance of Q4 Open Enrollment

Judd Bagley

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Everise, a technology-driven customer experience (CX) service provider today announced it has launched its most aggressive initiative yet to meet the growing demand for agents to staff the 2022 healthcare insurance open enrollment period, which begins in October. Everise will train over 2,000 team members during the next four months to prepare them for certification as healthcare insurance agents.

Licensed healthcare agents are always in demand, and with the 2022 enrollment period expected to be one of the busiest to date, Everise is ramping up training and certification of agents to meet this growing need. Utilizing the latest in advanced learning technologies, a mentor who is a licensed professional, and simulated hands-on experience, Everise specializes in hiring, onboarding, and educating healthcare insurance agents to provide a seamless enrollment process for prospective members.

“Every year, millions of consumers, including seniors, are faced with the challenges of navigating the healthcare marketplace,” said Sudhir Agarwal, Everise Founder and CEO. “Our goal is to not only provide educated and skilled talent to help consumers through personal, life-impacting choices in health insurance, but also provide an opportunity for thousands of Americans to continue to build their careers in a meaningful way through working as a licensed healthcare agent.”

The Everise College of Insurance provides a month-long immersive program that consists of over 40 hours of core curriculum learning about healthcare insurance and open enrollment. The program uses a hybrid approach that combines the latest technology tethered to all learning styles, including simulations and role-playing, to prepare students for the certification exam. After passing a state licensing exam, agents are now qualified to work on behalf of insurance carriers.

Graduates of the Everise College of Insurance can grow their careers at Everise, with ongoing training programs and incentives to increase their compensation. As a people-first company, Everise strives to retain agents year-round and provide them with cross-training and seasonal reassignment, as returning licensed agents are 15% more productive. Having tenured licensed agents contributes to the success Everise has seen in delivering quality talent to help consumers, particularly seniors, understand and select the health insurance products that fit their needs.

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