Everise launches program to celebrate long-term employees

Jade Randall

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27th May 2021, Singapore — Leading customer experience solutions and technology company, Everise, has launched their Champion Recognition Program, celebrating employees who reach ten years of service, and beyond.

The Champion Recognition Program is the most recent program to be enacted by the company to complement their already successful “Rockstar” and “Kudos” award program that celebrates achievements on a local and global level, recognizing employees on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. As a result, Everise has the highest Glassdoor rating in their industry.

“At Everise, we are not just celebrating years of service, we are celebrating the moments — both large and small — that define a career. We want to highlight an employee’s successes, achievements, and relationships over time because that’s what matters most,” said Sheena Ponnappan, Chief People Officer at Everise. “We want to convey to our Champions that we appreciate them. As we grow as an organization, we look forward to celebrating more employees in the future,” she adds.

The company is most recently known for winning premier award competitions such as The American Business Award’s Company of the Year, HR Asia’s Best Place to Work For, two years in a row, Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion from the HR Excellence Awards and AI Breakthrough Award for Customer Service.

“Celebrating 10 years with any organization is a milestone but to have so many people who have been part of this company’s founding is incredibly impressive and that loyalty should be applauded,” said Sudhir Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer at Everise.

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