Everise cites the ability to ‘adapt to new ways of working’ as primary driver of growth moving in 2020

Chris Greenough

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3rd November 2020, Manila, Philippines — Everise, a next-generation outsourced customer experience firm, projects a 24% growth in global revenue in 2020, citing tailwinds from increased demand in home-based customer support. The company, who had 10% of their global workforce and 16% of their US-based workforce in a remote environment, were able to swiftly transition the remainder of their workforce when the pandemic hit.

“Obviously no one could have planned for the pandemic, so in my opinion what the pandemic has done is separate the sheep from the goats,” Everise EVP of Operations Asia, Gagan Mehta, told Raine Musñgi during an interview with ANC on Market Edge in the Philippines. “Companies like Everise that could adapt to the new ways of working without jepardizing performance has seen an increase in demand.”

When it comes to mitigating risk in the customer experience industry, diversification and long-term thinking are vital. Companies who partner with reliable partners that are both geographically distributed and remote-work ready can eliminate the dangers of an unpredictable market, while optimizing for performance and cost. Everise is calling this “Flexshoring.”

Mehta noted that there was some shift in client demand from offshore to nearshore markets, but the “Filipino spirit” and strong government support, the offshore market continues to thrive. This is supported by a recent Everest Group study, which found that 64% of businesses were considering increasing their outsourcing to the Philippines.

In August, Everise announced 29% US revenue growth for 2020, driven primarily by the healthcare and technology verticals. During the interview, Mehta confirmed that the Philippines business was experiencing a similar growth rate of 25%, projecting the recruitment of 2,000 new employees.

Everise’s growth in the region is not limited to the Philippines. Mehta also noted that the company is experiencing “a significant amount of demand” in their other Asian businesses, Malaysia and Japan. 

During the transition to remote work, the company was able to overcome network and infrastructure shortcomings by working with ISP providers, “thinking ahead of the curve” and remaining committed to its people.

“We are extremely proud that we’ve been awarded best place to work for the second time. We’ve spent the last three years methodically investing in our people, promoting from within, and creating a people-first culture that celebrates diversity,” Mehta added.

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