Everise CEO Sudhir Agarwal knows how to grow by acquisition

Apr 26, 2019
Posted By: Judd Bagley

Global expansion is becoming increasingly vital for enterprises with more than just modest growth aims. But few moves are as challenging as entering foreign markets, given all the cultural and legal nuances inherent to every country and often regions and sub-regions within a country.

One solution is to acquire firms already operating successfully in target countries.

The growth trajectory of the Singapore-based Everise Companies has been quite steep over the past three years, beginning with the acquisition of North American premium customer care firm C3, followed in quick succession by a joint venture forming Asian languages customer care firm Globee, then Kuala Lumpur AI firm Hyperlab and then Austin-based Trusource Labs, which brought with it a presence in Europe.

The outcome is a truly global enterprise with expertise across the entire customer life-cycle and experience spectrum.

Everise CEO Sudhir Agarwal wrote about the process of growth by M&A in a recent issue of Business Times. Sudhir is an expert in growing through acquisition and his insights are exceptional. The article is behind a paywall but you can read it for free here.

I recommend following Sudhir on LinkedIn while you’re there. He’s a frequent poster of quality content. 

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