Everise and Microsoft to Innovate BPO Industry Through AI

Feb 23, 2018
Posted By: Everise

Singapore — February 22, 2018. Everise Holdings (Everise) announced its partnership with Microsoft to innovate the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Contact Center industry with Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform.

By leveraging AI, the company will use voice, video and text interactions with customers to provide a service unique to each customer. The omnichannel solution will also utilize AI tools and chatbots that will be integrated Everise’s customer experience experts into existing advance technology such as sentiment analysis and voice and photo recognition.

In an interview with the Everise CEO, Sudhir Agarwal, reiterated the need to meet the demands of customers today, “Delivering an experience that matches the expectations of customers today is what our clients rely on us to do. This starts with arming the front-line agent, the Experience Champion, with the tools, skills, and intelligence they need to succeed,”

“Through this partnership with Microsoft, we insert artificial intelligence throughout various points in the service delivery process in ways that the BPO industry is not using the platform today. This could be as basic as automating data collection from a call to a chatbot providing insight on customer sentiment and emotion in real-time. With that information and more, we will leverage technology to provide the best experience possible and empower Experience Champions with the tools to make fans of our clients’ customers with each interaction,” Agarwal added.

Ricky Kapur, the General Manager of Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft Asia Pacific, also affirmed the importance of AI in business. He said that with the customer’s changing demand in today’s technological world, businesses should reimagine how they can create value. And AI is the solution in improving the value chain, from research and development to customer engagement.

“The partnership between Everise and Microsoft will allow both companies to better meet the unique technology challenges that the business process outsourcing industry faces. By combining Everise’s industry knowledge and Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and AI innovations, we will create new opportunities to empower the industry to deliver more personalized customer experiences for its customers,” Kapur added.

The General Manager of Partner Group Microsoft Asia, Valerie Beadulieu also added that with Microsoft Azure, their partners will have profitable innovative solutions. Adding that their partnership with Everise started from the commitment to add customer value. She also looked forward to the long partnership between the two companies.

Everise will develop this AI platform and integrate it with Everise Lab in Las Vegas and their new offices in Manila, Malaysia and various cities across United Stated to improve customer experience and resolve industry-specific challenges.

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