Changing the BPO Recruitment: Everise Develop First AI Chatbot

Jul 4, 2018
Posted By: Everise

A revolutionary undertaking of its kind, Ana the Chatbot, designed to aid in recruitment

Everise, a global experience company, announce the launch of its latest trailblazing project, Ana the Chatbot. Engineered in the digital labs of Everise in partnership with Microsoft, this chatbot is developed to serve as an aid in talent acquisition for Everise. The development of this chatbot is only one of the several technology solutions created in Everise digital labs. These innovative projects are designed to enhance the engagement between Everise and its digitally savvy employees. Ana will be available 24/7, ensuring support for Everise Talent Acquisition Team.

“We know through working with several of the world’s leading brands that we are in the midst of a digital revolution and we need to adapt to the needs and habits of our future talent,” says Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise. “Creating an AI-powered chatbot with the ability to field complex questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week is vital to this effort and will allow potential employees to receive information with minimal effort – something they are accustomed to in other aspects of their everyday lives.”

Ana’s capabilities will include the ability to handle broad range of queries and direct applicants to the job that best fit their preference without bombarding them with too much information. As technology improve, so does Ana’s AI and Machine Learning. In time, Ana will be able to respond with more intelligent answers and the ability to perform across multiple channels ranging from website to text, social media and mobile platforms.

Conversations with Ana is friendly while at the same time, still accurate and quick. To make Ana’s responses more natural and less robotic, her conversations are peppered with memes, GIFs, emojis and images as if you’re just conversing with your friend in Text, WhatsApp or WeChat. One of Ana’s capabilities is to reduce the time it takes for basic and complex information to be addressed. This allows the applicant to navigate through the application, screening, and the assessment process. Ana can also turn more interested leads into applicants wherever in all Everise’s sites in the world. Her responses are also tailored to the geography she is accessed, ensuring that each applicant is given a personalized experience. Aside from these functions, Ana has the capability to provide prospective employees with some information about the company such as benefits and other perks.

“Talent Acquisition is critical to any company and many firms focus a significant amount of effort on enhancing their own customer experiences through offering digital services to drive engagement. We believe it is equally important to treat potential employees with the same attention and effort,” added Mr. Agarwal. “Ana has been developed within the C3 Lab and will truly revolutionize the way we attract and onboard new talent. This is the perfect tool to engage with applicants who are younger, more digitally-savvy and deliver the beginning of an employment experience that is unique and rewarding.”

Ana’s continued development reflects Everise’s drive to become a technologically adept BPO firm through creating innovative and proprietary CX technology solutions that goes hand-in-hand with human talent. This also aligns with our goal to provide better experiences for our clients, customer, and employees. Soon, Ana will be more sophisticated and advanced, revolutionizing the way recruitment is done.

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