Licensed Health Insurance Capabilities

Everise Transforms Licensed Health Insurance Telesales

Everise offers licensed health insurance agents in an outsource model to support carrier and broker Medicare Advantage product sales during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Our Medicare Advantage telesales programs typically expand by 3,000%, relative to steady state, to meet demand concentrated in the 8 weeks comprising annual enrollment period.

Everise consistently accomplishes this year over year, for multiple payer partners, in multiple languages.

Add it up and based on premium revenue alone, Everise licensed agents contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to our partners’ toplines each year.

Licensed Insurance Capabilities

Placed Policies
Sold by Everise licensed agents just during the 8 weeks of 2023 annual enrollment period generating $1B+ in annual policy premiums.
Number of carriers where Everise has placed policies in the past year.
Return Rate
Percent of licensed Everise agents that return to support the same Annual Enrollment Period program each year.
Pass Rate
Pass rate for licensees who attend the Everise College.
Typical time required to become licensed through the Everise College of Insurance.
In our licensed health agent roster with over 2800 agents in 2023.

Licensed Agents

Four Key Advantages to Everise

We solve the formidable licensed agent supply problem by minting our own, through the Everise College of Insurance. This allows us to hand-pick the most ambitious and highest performing agents from among thousands of candidate existing employees, providing them the mentorship and training needed to take and pass the licensure exam.

We have our own insurance agency dedicated exclusively to licensing agents in all 50 states. This is a key component of our ability to provide a famously high level of agile service to healthcare clients.

With over 6,000 experienced sales and customer service on staff serving partners of all industries, we can identify, recruit, license and train those proven to possess the qualities most conducive to success in the specialized work of healthcare telesales.

Our diverse client mix includes financial services, travel and retail firms whose seasonal surges offset those of healthcare. This allows us to retain more licensed agents year-round through cross-training and seasonal reassignment.

Our data show that returning licensed agents are 15% more productive and have quality scores 2% higher than their newly hired counterparts.

Licensing Acquisition & Compliance

Acquired and managed more than 85,000 licenses in 2021 in all lines of authority

Licensing Compliance

  • Zero licensed compliance events under fully managed services
  • Monthly and quarterly auditing help keep Business Entity, DRLP

Everise College of Insurance

The Everise College of Insurance program assists agents in elevating their careers through an effective and flexible self-study program, on-demand video learning as well as facilitated sessions.

  • Excellent performance and attendance
  • Successful internal interview
  • Pass pre-test
  • Pass credit and background checks (if applicable)
Self-Study/On-Demand Video/Facilitated Instruction
  • Study guide and calendar
  • Exam simulator
  • State-specific study materials
  • Licensed agent mentors
  • Candidate tracking and observation
  • Scheduled after first week of study
  • Retesting is candidate responsibility
  • Texas: 14 days of self-study for health andlife
  • All other States: 10 days of self-study forhealth

Our healthcare partners value our expertise

Our client Net Promoter Score(NPS) averages +70 over the last 4 years. The industry average hoversaround +45.

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Everise in action

Rapid ramp staffing for scheduling support

Current Employee

If you are a current employee and in need of assistance, we are here to help. To ensure that your request is addressed as efficiently as possible, please open a ticket on Workday. Our dedicated support team will be happy to assist you.

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